We exhibited a sound and light work at “Noseden Art Line 2021” with the theme of viewing experience and intersubjectivity in the present age.



Type: Audio Visual Installation
Exhibition Period: Oct. 29, 2021 — Nov. 14, 2021
Event: Noseden Artline 2021
Venue: Shintaki citizen center


Someone’s post on a social networking site, a place I’ve been to, but I can’t remember what’s in the picture. A movie we’ve both seen, but I can’t remember the scene that was mentioned in our conversation. The contents of a book. Music lyrics. The menu of a restaurant.

It can be an oversight or a forgetting, but since we don’t remember the absence itself, we don’t know which it is, or even whether we were looking at the same thing in the first place.

There is a concept called “intersubjectivity,” which in a nutshell means a shared sense of the world. Even if we are in the same place and see and feel the same things, the time, space, and different hardware of each body, the processing of sensation, perception, and cognition performed there, and the memory as information are naturally very different as a result. However, we tend to think of them as the same, but by bringing and sharing them, we can learn about the differences in perception with others, and through this, we can feel the world in three dimensions.





Concept, Visual, System, Sound, Space, Install
Motoki Sonoda
Concept, Visual, System, Space, Install
Kousei Ikeda
Yuriko Nomura*
Shun Hashidume
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*: Non-SPEKTRA Staff