Installation | 2022

In this work, we use and control 81 circle-shaped mirrors rotation arranged in a grid pattern to create a visually immersive experience. The control system detects the physical state of each individual mirror and generates audio in real time based on the information. It was placed in the Chinju-no Mori forest in Mukojinja, Kyoto once. Viewers were able to view the artwork in a circle around it.
We are investigating the concept that the act of “seeing” becomes possible only when light connects the object and the observer through this work. The reflected scenery of the surrounding environment sometimes becomes one magnificent coherent landscape and other times is scattered into small pieces. This makes the scenery of the forest keep being fragmented and transformed. This art raises questions about what kind of role of audiovisual experiences are composed of light and sound in our act of “seeing” and what “seeing” mean to us. The act is not only receiving physical stimulation but also the more complicated process of taking in information and understanding. Moreover, what we see does not always match the actual reality and fluctuate because it is affected and signified by other elements, for example, our emotion, experiences, or cultures. Thus, the interaction between the work and the viewer in this installation is to make the viewer think about what role external factors such as light and sound generated by this play in the act of “seeing”, and what meaning what we receive there has for us.

本作は、格子状に配置された81枚の円形の鏡の回転を制御し、視覚的な没入感を作り出しています。制御システムは、個々の鏡の物理的な状態を検出し、その情報に基づきリアルタイムに音声を生成します。作品は京都市 向日神社内にある鎮守の森に設置され、鑑賞者が作品の周囲をぐるりと囲むように鑑賞することができるよう配置されていました。


Venue: Muko Shrine (Kyoto, Japan)
Exhibition period: October 29, 2022 – November 20, 2022
Exhibition : ALTERNATIVE KYOTO 2022


Planning, Concept: asaco, Kousei Ikeda, Toyoshi Morioka, Yuske Goto
Construction planning: Yuske Goto
Hardware design, Assembling: Yuske Goto
System design, Programming: Toyoshi Morioka
Device choreography, Programming: Kousei Ikeda
Music, Sound programming: Junichi Akagawa
Construction: asaco, Junichi Akagawa, Kousei Ikeda, Toyoshi Morioka, Yuske Goto
Project management: Kousei Ikeda
Assistants: Mayako Uemura, Reina Shigemoto
Electrical work: Kure Electrical industry*
Sound equipments: Riverfuse LLC.*
Display fixtures: Studio Aqua co., ltd.*

Video Shooting, Editing: Jun Hamada, Shota Iguchi

*: Non-SPEKTRA staff